Many families have come to believe that there is a need to sacrifice quality academics for a Christ-centered education. The staff at HERITAGE ACADEMY believes that no family should have to make such a sacrifice and are committed to providing the highest quality of education through a Christian Biblical Worldview. Furthermore, HERITAGE ACADEMY strives to maintain a 14:1 student-teacher ratio to ensure and scaffold academic successes in the classroom.

ERITAGE ACADEMY ’s staff has come to recognize that there are many factors that contribute to a successful learning environment including class size, curriculum, and recognition of individual learning styles. In seeking to build a school where students are raised up to be excited learners and succeed in their academic careers, the following was carefully considered when defining HERITAGE ACADEMY ’s academic policy: teaching staff, class size, curriculum, combination classes, learning styles, and homework.

HERITAGE ACADEMY you will find a dedicated team of highly qualified teachers who are passionate about Jesus Christ, children, and their subject matter. Teachers at HERITAGE ACADEMY foster engaging and safe classroom environments and recognize that each individual student is uniquely gifted and may learn differently than his or her peers. Therefore, teachers use an individualized approach to teaching core subjects, implementing a variety of learning styles to help students learn best. By teaching students through the mode in which they learn, students achieve greater successes.

In addition to an individualized approach to learning, HERITAGE ACADEMY staff have found the Core Knowledge Scope and Sequence to be a distinguished and celebrated approach to building academic growth. Core Knowledge ( provides an assortment of choices in curriculum while maintaining the integrity of their educational philosophy. At HERITAGE ACADEMY, staff has chosen Singapore Math (, Delta Science ( Easy Grammar (, Core Knowledge History, First Focus Reading Program ( and Institute for Excellence in Writing (

HERITAGE ACADEMY maintains that students who are held to high academic standards and are encouraged to use class time well become motivated learners who are as equally successful as a learner given homework. Therefore, HERITAGE ACADEMY teachers expect students to study for upcoming tests, review concepts if truly needed, keep a reading log, and do research. Beyond such expectations, HERITAGE ACADEMY encourages and is committed to honoring nightly family time.

"At HERITAGE ACADEMY, without exception, the kids experience unconditional love and respect. We also appreciate the positive and safe environment."

"It has been great to be a part of a school community with shared values in placing Christ at the center of our child's education."

Children are a heritage from the Lord...Psalm 127:3
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